Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Advanced tae exercise to lose weight

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48 Responses to “Advanced tae exercise to lose weight”
  1. Beatriz Cruz says:

    Love it !

  2. maria teresita dominguez rivera says:

    extraordinario…estaba buscando algo estimulante…y en casa…gracias…

  3. Destini Maighan says:

    how long did it take to lose it?

  4. Francis Atillo says:

    how many times do you have to do this in a day??

  5. Khizie Ramos says:

    how many calories does this burn?

  6. Sonia Masin says:

    como hago para descargar los videos de billy?

  7. tvmaniacemploy maniac says:

    day 2

  8. Noah Fernström says:

    does this work?

  9. mireille nader says:

    perfect , i do like

  10. 25258511 says:

    can you do tea bo when you get old like tai chi? 

  11. tvmaniacemploy maniac says:

    ok.i start today for 30 days. and post every day. results end of the month.well..DAY 1

  12. erika blakely says:

    That my half uncle I know him

  13. Suad AbdulMalik says:

    Looks good will try it tonight when i get home from work.. God I have to loose 40 pounds at least :(

  14. Shockadinkiller727 says:

    Congratulations! n_n

  15. Lucia Swartzman says:

    i BROKE MY FEET!!!
    Thanks a lot to help me loose weight and be strong whilw my feet wait.
    I did all exercicet on my chair!!!

  16. Lori Llorens Carr says:

    Me FASCINA este video !

    Excelente edición y la mexcla de
    rutina de ejercicios que se escogió.
    Cada dia mas quedo impresionada
    con la excelencia como entrenador
    y motivador que tiene Billy Blanks !

    Te admiro mucho Billy !

  17. Christina Jakji says:

    this is what they do at the ymca! i hour of box fit = tae bo

  18. paulette Hernandez says:

    IM STARTING TODAY wish me luck..any eating advices?

  19. Angelik Millan says:

    He bajado 7 kg haciendo este y otros mas de Billy, lo amoooooo

  20. Carolina Hinestroza says:

    Definitavamente es todo un maestro este entrenador que buena energia, de verdad que me hace sudar la gota gorda…. Me encanto la editada del video muy bueno.

  21. Nathasha Mae Bionat says:

    Wow.. thanks! This is great.. I sweat it all out. :-)

  22. Alison M says:

    how long did it take? thats awesome

  23. Maryory Arias says:

    todos los días si se quiere, aunque es conveniente dejar descansar un día a la semana y variar la rutina diaria

  24. Ash Bibi says:

    o_O women with sixpacks

  25. Elzbieta Kaminska says:

    Po obejrzeniu tego filmu zaczynam ćwiczyć razem z nimi w domku przez godzinę .Pozdrawiam.

  26. Jajang Maulana A says:

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  27. Nikki Benz says:

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  28. sanath Jayasinha says:

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  29. Aaron Boyum says:

    Thumbs up for your video! :) I lost 60 pounds with a cool book! I can’t post the page here but is in the summary of my profile
    Now I’ll start doing exercise!

  30. Francis Gabriel says:

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  31. dinesh ghimire says:

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  32. Eggy Hendriawan says:

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  33. MrLarryWallace says:

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  34. Debby samsul says:

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  35. Mega Galih says:

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  36. Poso Derem says:

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  37. Robert Swanson says:

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  38. lizabeth911 says:

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  39. Geli Amor says:

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  40. chaali soufine says:

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  41. Sudip Roka says:

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  42. jarina sm says:

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  43. Nini J says:

    Wow Dr. Allen. You seem like a great person, who really is committed to helping individuals lose weight…but why would you co-sign a comment like that? Horrible!

  44. Pervert Pete says:

    Thanks! Sometimes common sense needs to be said.

  45. Michael Allen says:

    Just buy my course. I am sure you will be able to lose your extra pounds easily by following the procedure given in the course!

  46. Michael Allen says:

    Hey Pete, Well said!

  47. Michael Allen says:

    Its working perfectly here! Should be for you!

  48. Michael Allen says:

    I think you heard the message when you tried to leave from the checkout page! Try again!

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