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How I Lost Weight Super Fast.How To Lose Weight Fast & How I Lost 22 Pounds In Just 9 Days +

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UPDATE JUNE 2010: I’ve lost almost 70 lbs now and have hit my weight-loss goal. My channel has hundreds of videos that will motivate, inspire, and most impor…


49 Responses to “How I Lost Weight Super Fast.How To Lose Weight Fast & How I Lost 22 Pounds In Just 9 Days +”
  1. MrHowtogetridofacne says:

    Nice video with a nice personality . My sisters in to this and its been 9 days so far and she has already lost 4 pounds.great program.recommended

  2. Shruti Dave says:

    what do u do when u buy this?? do they send food? do u exercise?

  3. Mike Miller says:

    I’m just about 2 weeks into this program and so far I’m loving it, really solid buy for the material!

  4. TheBallerman101 says:

    This program makes the process really simple and very easy to follow

  5. Jeff Walter says:

    It’s hard not to lose weight when following this program! 

  6. tubefaner5 says:

    best choice I have made in a while was getting this

  7. totguy1 says:

    so far I have lost 7 pounds guys! 

  8. gamertogamerblog says:

    I think I’m going to give this product a try!

  9. Allen Smith says:

    My sister used this to lose weight several months ago, and it worked great for her.

  10. howtoplaymidi1 says:

    yeah I have only heard great things about this!

  11. mmouniversegames says:

    A friend of mine turned me on to this, I hear it’s great

  12. starwarsmmofan says:

    This has really easy to follow instructions

  13. pwnerparadise says:

    this had a money back guarantee so what do you have to lose?

  14. amacfantaasy says:

    I can definitely recommend this product

  15. funnyanimalcute says:

    It’s hard to find a legit weight loss product, but this one is great.

  16. wildlifepictures says:

    sounds like this is a great product 

  17. Morgan Knight says:

    this video is great my sister tried every thing to lose weight but she failed until she tried this product and now she’s become fit

  18. jonasbabycute says:

    my brother used this and he lost 22 pounds in just 6 days

  19. zezpinkhat says:

    I was very impressed when only after 7 days I was 6 pounds lighter! Wow! I can’t wait to see the end results! Thank you Fat Loss Factor!

  20. daikatoidihoc says:

    I have lost 5 lbs since starting on 10/15…will keep you posted!

  21. kiskoppany12 says:

    were can i download this send me a link somebody

  22. babiegirlyeukey says:

     I would recommend this to anyone who is looking at more than losing the weight but also living a long and healthy life! Good luck to everyone! Thank you so much Dr. Charles for showing me how to live better!

  23. TheCongchua05 says:

    Hey everyone! So I have been following this program since Easter of this year and I can tell you that I LOVE IT!!

  24. Arthyrozz22 says:

    The health aspects of the program have been a huge bonus. More energy and feeling so positive have been great

  25. pineapple2509 says:

    I’ve learned a lot from this program! And I love the helpful articles that are sent to my email =)

  26. George Anderson says:

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  27. laxmi dhakal says:

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  28. George Anderson says:

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  29. Jack Maxwell says:

    After losing 34 pounds in just 2 months the only thing I have to mention is Consistency Is The Key at this game.

    ● In the beginning you will have to choose an effective diet program to stick with. I can recommend because its pretty detailed and easy to practice.

    ● Target achievable fat loss goals like 2 or 3 lbs a week.

    ● Motivate by yourself. Even the best diet plan can go wrong if you cannot stick to it.

  30. George Anderson says:

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  31. MrFatLossFactorDaily says:

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  36. BestCondomEver says:

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  43. AwesomeDirectioner1 says:

    well now u have 26759 subscribers haha

  44. Connie Bontrager says:

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  46. Lissa whites says:

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  47. Иван Лунёв says:

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  48. Lexy Brown says:

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  49. asad zaman says:

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