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So I’ve gotten a lot of requests from mostly close friends of mine to do a video on my “diet” which helped me lose a total of 90 pounds! I finally got around…
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How I Lost Weight, Weight Loss/Healthy Living, Before & Afters -

I had to upload this video again. 40000 hits down the drain. Ah well. I hope you enjoy and remember ANYONE can do what I have done. NOTE: This is music made…
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49 Responses to “HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST!”
  1. George Anderson says:

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  2. Sevgart Tromar says:

    Have you heard about “Swift Fat Loss”? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way to lose fat fast.

  3. frankiexfantastic says:

    Are you Canadian ? I like your accent lol

  4. Harper steyer says:

    how many months do you think it would take to lose60 pounds?

  5. whareweruin92 says:

    sorry but you obviously don’t know a whole lot about nutrition. The food’s you eat are processed and do not have the nutritional value you need. I didn’t hear you mention anything about vegetables.. that is essential. Processed lunch meat’s… muffin top’s and processed granola bar’s. Ladies, turn to a whole food’s diet. Lot’s of fruits and veggies and whole grains, and as much as you want of it.. whenever you are hungry!

  6. George Anderson says:

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  7. RunningOutOfTimexx says:

    Special K is processed… .

  8. Tyra Scott says:

    After losing 34 pounds just in two months all I have to tell you is Consistency Is The Key at this game.

    ● Initially you will want to find a decent diet plan to stick with. I suggest since its very detailed and easy to practice.

    ● Shoot for practical fat loss goals like two or three lbs every week.

    ● Motivate by yourself. Even the best diet plan can fail if you cant stick to it.

  9. Alexandra Hill says:

    She didn’t skip any meals? She had three healthy meals, two healthy snacks?

  10. George Anderson says:

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  11. Laxmi Machamasi says:

    Hey there!

    Have you tried the Aston Fat Furnace?
    Maybe it could help you burn fat quickly in a smart, healthy way – and most important – for good, as it already did for thousands of people.

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  12. Izabel Pereira says:

    I loved your tips especially the low calorie snacks. 

  13. sam smith says:

    Losing weight really fast? After few researches I have found only one website that really works. POUNDALE.COM Check it out

  14. Blake Bradley says:

    Omitting Meals —> Body system in starvation Mode —> Overeating in the Next Meal —>WEIGHT GAIN!!!! I read that on a book, the link to the download is in my profile. Actually this simple tip of don’t skip meals made me lose some pounds, actually is better to have Several small meals than just 3

  15. Trish Y says:

    Also Sargento cheese has cellulose in it. On their website they claim it is perfectly fine for you. Cellulose is a wood pulp. There are many arguments on whether it is actually good for you or not, but most health guru’s say to not eat it if you can help it as it is wood you are eating; they put it in cheese to decrease the amount of moisture and clumping that would occur if they hadn’t added it in. Arsenic/caffeine can also be found in chickens. Buy an organic one and shred it; eat that instead

  16. Trish Y says:

    I like your post…just wanted to say though that even though it seems you are eating healthy, which for the most part you are, still watch what you are eating. The package of turkey meat you held up disturbs me; most packaged meat has sodium and is partially processed. If you HAVE to eat deli meat at all (which isn’t the best choice in any case) I would get fresh. Also, those granola bars aren’t that great for you either. “Kind” is the best for you. They are a bit more expensive, but worth it.

  17. nhayes99 says:

    I’m trying to lose weight too. I’ve been eating more vegi’s and fresh fruits, I’ve chosen chicken breast or turkey in smaller portions so far I’ve dropped 24 lbs in 2 months no extra exercise beside the walking I do at work. Hoping to continue the weight loss. I like the video on you made your own diet.

  18. Kimberly Benitez says:

    Go on my profile & click on the link to my blog.
    ill be making videos and posts on my weekly progress as well as meal plans :)

  19. Tessa Essary says:

    Looks like im not the only one struggling with weight thanx for the advise

  20. Khalid Thurman says:

    thx but did you ever exercise

  21. cristy mason says:

    There are a lot of weight loss programs on the internet. I searched a lot until I found the only one that really worked for me: POUNDALE.COM and now I suggest it to you to try it as well.

  22. BlueSunrise84 says:

    thank you!!! i work and go to school so this is very helpful!

  23. sam smith says:

    There is no need to diet for losing weight. For example I lost weight following the amazing tips on POUNDALE.COM . I suggest you to check them out

  24. Debajit Basu says:

    Hey there, have you discovered Slim Body Maximizer? (just google it) You will find out about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Slim Body Maximizer, you will discover how to burn off fat quickly.

  25. sherry alen says:

    would you like to be the queen of the swimming pool with your new body? just copy andpaste this site into your browser-window.

  26. melri42 says:

    well I love ur body and u ajd an AMAZiNg weightloss and body but I don’t think I could only eat watermelon ( i don’t like it) and fruits

  27. kaoruhotarubi says:

    i can’t even begin on how wrong this video is

  28. Fidel Perez says:

    Great information on your videos Freelea. Congratulations and Thank you. What you say makes so much sense, and yo look so great!!.

  29. rdiazmartin says:

    You look awesome… fruit is magic food.. those reductionist will never understand.

  30. WildfireStreet says:

    Sugar in the intestines does not digest the same. Saliva doesn’t replace the role of the intestines or the stomach. The body digests fruits and veggie sugars easier than something like high fructose corn syrup. Denatured sugar like white sugar without molasses in it damages the intestines. Again why would a fruit or vegetable something the body has evolved to digest for thousands and thousands of years, be the same as high fructose corn syrup. I’ve found no evidence to prove your claims.

  31. WildfireStreet says:

    Prove it.

  32. ellice horan says:

    omygawdd Your so pretty now…*___*

  33. jeanniemk72 says:

    Do you ever eat pastas, rice, or breads? Just wondering how to start a lifestyle like this. Thanks. :)

  34. asmudeus says:

    All sugar is processed the same by the body. 99% of the time sugar is separated by the time it touches your mouth.

  35. WildfireStreet says:

    You’re kidding me. Processed sugars and sugars from fruits and veggies do not digest the same.

  36. svbarron says:

    this is straight from: American Diabetes Assoc. Website “A healthy meal plan for people with diabetes is generally the same as a healthy diet for anyone — low in fat (especially saturated and trans fat), moderate in salt and sugar, with meals based on whole grain foods, vegetables and fruit.” the problem is not sugars from whole foods its sugars that provide no nutritional value and ONLY offer sugar like coke, pepsi & “fruit” Drinks which are food coloring and liquid sugar.

  37. svbarron says:

    The One thing I don’t get about all of this is many people who have diabetes may eat foods with sugar but the SAD diet consists of over 40% fat because all of these “sweet” “sugary” “foods” are also mixed with copious amounts of fat… for example.. an icing glazed doughnut is 48% fat… its not ALL carbs and sugar just like baked potato people are scared of the carbs but don’t think twice about the butter, sour cream, cheese and bacon they top on it…

  38. gyrate4 says:

    Stephen Brynes of WAPF died far younger than Steve Jobs.

  39. asmudeus says:

    It’s common knowledge.
    All sugar is the same, fruits and veggies don’t have some special sugar that the body can use better, its all glucose and fructose.
    Of course and veggie and fruit helps diabetes if said person was on a diet of bread. fries. and soda.

  40. cristy mason says:

    Weight loss was not my problem when I found POUNDALE.COM

  41. sarzbear0x says:

    fucking amen about time someone said this!

  42. Rachel Reyngoudt says:

    Do you have to exercise quite a lot to burn off all the carbs you consume through the high carb fruit diet?

  43. SeverusTalking says:

    How did I get here…. Obviously i dont need that I got 130lbs…

  44. Rick Nielson says:

    Obviously this eating style works to get skinny….For a while…Deficiencies will reveal themselves…eventually…Be careful…Ask Steve Jobs…Oh that’s right you can’t.

  45. WildfireStreet says:

    Where did you find that? I looked around a lot and not even Wikipedia says that. There’s a huge difference between processed sugar and sugars from veggies and fruits. You still have avoided the fact that there’s scientific studies proving that fruits and veggies reverse diabetic conditions.

  46. Lucid Nomad says:

    why did you get a boob job? that just kinda calls bulshit on the whole deal.

  47. asmudeus says:

    Your body doesn’t care and breaks down any sugar instantly.

  48. asmudeus says:

    I have nothing against fruits or veggies. Eating a diet of pretty much nothing but carbs, will give you diabetes in time.

    It’s the same reason why diabetes is such an epidemic today, too many carbs and way to much food in general.

    99% of all sources say that diabetes is caused by insulin resistance, which is caused by high blood sugar.

  49. WildfireStreet says:

    Look up the causes of diabetes and you’ll find you’re incorrect. I’m not claiming to be an expert on diabetes. I’m merely advocating that everyone can benefit from eating more fruits and veggies. Oh yeah and exercise lets argue about that stuff until eternity right? It’s fun arguing instead of communicating something relevant and improving our lives.

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