Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

My Weight Loss Transformation, Before And After Pictures


My inspiration to lose weight : I used the same method with her which help me a lot to lose weight fast “Anything …
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Lose Weight Fast Morning Bedroom Workout - BEXLIFE

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49 Responses to “My Weight Loss Transformation, Before And After Pictures”
  1. Weight Warriorz says:

    wow this is truly amazing achievement congratulations

  2. jasonwkeller76 says:

    wow! what a transformation!

  3. MasterKate1000 says:

    I’ve been trying to lose weight this month. So far, I’ve only lost about 10 pounds… Which isn’t much when I need to lose like 50. I really hope my face changes as much as yours. I saw it and I thought, “Holy shit, that was unexpected.”

  4. PureTrimWeightLoss says:

    Great video. Thanks

  5. butternutscotch says:

    you were never big.

  6. Shae Sheppick says:


  7. fabiotietzft says:

    You are hot!

  8. THEKIDOF1994 says:

    Can you inform me step by step on how you lost weight? I’ve been struggling :/

  9. JakesShowcase says:

    Great Work. I know the discipline to lose weight can be tough and I congratulate you.

  10. Raymond Crawford says:

    Nice body

  11. KallMeKina says:

    Wow you look lovely, congrats on the weight loss, keep it up&don’t give up :)

  12. vigenlona says:

    Jesus christ i want to lose weight so badly but i just cant :S im fysic very strong but mentaly not very strong so i just cant stop with eating! can anyone help me or do you have tips? :(

  13. AnnieDenny says:

    Beautiful :) before AND after

  14. demolitionlover89 says:

    You look amazing!! Great work! I just lost 30 pounds and cant stop taking pictures of myself!!

  15. hello678999 says:

    Keep goin

  16. Itsall Init says:

    You were good before and then just turned into a hot bomb…wow

  17. Stasey Fairchild says:

    Your a gorgeous girl. Even when you were heavier but I’m so happy for you that you lost weight

  18. Anton hägglund says:

    you was sexier before

  19. andrealucerfi says:

    Nice vid! thanks! :)

  20. 08emily89 says:

    You look so good! You should be very proud if yourself

  21. loseweightfasthow says:

    I am supporting you too!

  22. Bitt chy says:

    U shld add sound to this video. . . other than that, good job

  23. Jacob Buehler says:

    You can do it!

  24. Jacob Buehler says:

    Why’s that?

  25. ROspook says:

    Brunette your look smoking hawt, blonde? Meh …

  26. xxJuliecutiexx says:

    I reallllly love this, its so easy to do thank you so much

  27. HarleneRules . says:

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  29. indra shreesh says:

    It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when normal people are able to lose weight so easily with Lean Body Blaster (Google it).

  30. purpleburstberry says:

    if i do this everyday, when will i see results??

  31. charl howenay says:

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  32. Faith Amaro says:

    THANK YOU, I LOVE IT! A simple, basic, quick and challenging start to my day. Just what I needed. ^_^

  33. MrDavor82 says:


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  34. lowri morgan says:

    Thanx great vid

  35. Suzy Ni says:

    it was easy at first but than my back started hurting.It work good.

  36. Mano Ranjitha says:

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  37. kayla navarro says:

    i love your workouts, they are so energetic.

  38. chanaka2424 says:

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  39. ttcurls says:

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  40. Sindi yunika says:

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  41. KelseyBabeXxx says:

    Thanks! I’ve been including the push-ups and i can already feel the difference!

  42. MultiGospodjica says:

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  43. Blake Bradley says:

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  44. janaka bandara says:

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  45. Connor Eke says:

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  46. Tania Amnda says:

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  47. stingylemon says:

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  48. Walpola Edirisinghe says:

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  49. sianandleahX says:

    How fast does this work to get a flat belly?

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