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  6. Andrea Peterson says:

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  7. elitem3 says:

    i think you should get a real kitchen knife

  8. silvilla18 says:

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  17. milajsr1 says:

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  18. Cookiemilk54 says:

    Y didnt u drink it

  19. Peter Palac says:

    cant listen with that song

  20. cromerbeach says:

    oh I have a kitchen aide blender works great

  21. cromerbeach says:

    Love green drinks theyre so fab 

  22. Seta Tara says:

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  23. HealthyWitness says:

    Yay! You did a Blending Video! I am so excited! (I don’t own a juicer, yet). Thanks for this! To your health! – Jackie

  24. HealthyWitness says:

    Yes, the music is a distraction :( Great Video otherwise! To your Health!

  25. Jack Carrot says:

    green remind me about hulk but anyway thanks for tips about superfoods green drink for lose weight fast

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